Shiseido Parlor "Spring Cheesecake (Sakura Flavor)"
Spring cheesecake

"Spring Cheesecake (Sakura Flavor)" and "Biscuit Troyes" are on sale from February 15th from Shiseido Parlor.

Spring cheesecake (Sakura flavor) is a cake made by wrapping rich Danish cream cheese with cherry blossom-derived paste in a cherry-scented biscuit made from Hokkaido flour and baking it. You can feel the arrival of spring with each bite. The price is 918 yen for 3 pieces and 1,836 yen for 6 pieces (tax included, same below).

The theme of the package is vacation. A picture of enjoying boating on the shore of a lake surrounded by cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Shiseido Parlor "Spring Cheesecake (Sakura Flavor)"
Sakura is also in individual wrapping

There is also a "Spring Hand-baked Cheesecake (Sakura Flavor)" (limited to Ginza main store shops and other stores), which is made by kneading cherry flesh (dry) into the cream cheese part and salted cherry leaves into biscuits. The price is 2,700 yen.

Shiseido Parlor "Spring Hand-baked Cheesecake (Sakura Flavor)"
Slightly pink

Biscuit Troyes is an assortment of 3 types of biscuits that are carefully selected and baked. "Kannel (4 sheets)" with a scent of cinnamon powder on a thinly baked crispy dough, "Caramelize (2 sheets)" topped with fragrant caramelized almonds, and "Vanilla (2 sheets)" with vanilla from Madagascar. "Is included. The price is 540 yen.

Shiseido Parlor "Biscuit Troyes"
As a souvenir