Carefully brown bread mentaiko butter-style potage
New work in "Slowly Kotokoto"!

Cupped soup "Slowly Kotokoto Kongari Bread Mentaiko Butter-style Potage" "Soymilk Tailored Salmon Cheese Potage" "Onion Potage Eating 1/3 Day of Vegetables" will be released by Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage on February 20th. To. The estimated price is 160 yen each (excluding tax).

The mentaiko butter-style potage is a flavor inspired by "mentaiko butter toast." The ingredients include bite-sized bread, mentaiko, and parsley. It has a addictive taste with the addition of spicy mentaiko and rich butter.

The soymilk-made salmon cheese potage is a flavor that combines soymilk with delicious salmon and rich cheese. It seems to be finished in a mellow and rich taste. It contains whole wheat bread, salmon, and edamame as ingredients.

Carefully brown bread soy milk tailored salmon cheese potage
With whole wheat bread

Eating 1/3 day's worth of vegetables Onion potage is an onion-based flavor that blends in the flavor of vegetables. It contains whole wheat bread, cabbage, corn, and carrots as ingredients. You can eat plenty of vegetables while enjoying the rich taste.

Carefully eat 1/3 day's worth of vegetables onion potage
Plenty of vegetables