As it is November 11, I summarized the tweets about the birth of Pocky that Glico Twitter account (@glico_PR ) was secretly developing last month. It's a bit long, but be sure to read it with Pocky or Pretz in your hand!

Glico talks
Glico talks

[ Birth of Pocky 1 ] In the 1960s, the chocolate market was in the heyday of chocolate bar. Each company managed to control the chocolate bar and became the No. 1 in the confectionery industry. There was fierce competition for new product development to become 1.

[ Birth of Pocky 2 ] In the 1960s, there was no concept or idea of chocolate snacks, but light chocolates are already popular in Europe and the United States, and light chocolates are gradually being sought after in Japan.

[ Birth of Pocky 3 ] In the 1960s, Glico released sand chocolate and chocolate bar one after another, following almond chocolate, but it was unexploded.

[ Birth of Pocky 4 ] Ezaki Glico has started structural reforms since 1964 in order to rebuild its business, and has set a development standard of 1 product 10 years (life cycle) and 1 billion yen (annual sales), which is the core product. Worked on development.

[ Birth of Pocky 5 ] "Don't compete with the powerful products of other companies. Develop products with a discriminatory advantage. Things that can't be made with conventional machines, which bothers engineers. "Let's think about things!"

[ Birth of Pocky 6 ] The butter pretz released in 1964 was a hit and the market was expanding. Stick-shaped sweets, which are popular with both children and adults, were popular as a new type of snack.

[ Birth of Pocky 7 ] Everyone in the company paid attention to the unique way of eating Pretz, and various people said, "If you sprinkle chocolate on Pretz." The developers also proceeded with various research to commercialize this as a snack chocolate.

[ Birth of Pocky 8 ] The first idea was, "If you put chocolate on Pretz, you can eat it while watching TV and dating. Maybe you can catch the" while tribe "."

[ Birth of Pocky 9 ] Around the 1960s, the idea of chocolate for Pretz was beyond the idea of chocolate-covering the whole and wrapping it in silver paper. When everyone held it in their hands, I was concerned that the chocolate would melt and my hands would get dirty.

[ Birth of Pocky 10 ] After narrowing down my wisdom, I thought that it would not be necessary to sprinkle chocolate on the entire pretz, so I sprinkled chocolate on the 6th and 7th minutes. "I have something to have." This is the moment when the prototype of Pocky was born.

"I have something to have"
"I have something to have"

[ Birth of Pocky 11 ] (Stop sprinkling chocolate on the entire pretzel) The part to be held by hand is about 2 cm, and from the appropriate amount of children's snacks, 40 pieces per box are included, and the package is sized to be held with one hand.

[ Pocky Birth 12 ] At the time of release, I was worried that if I sprinkled chocolate on pretz and put it in a bag naked, the chocolates would stick to each other or rub against each other and get dirty.

[ Birth of Pocky 13 ] If you put a prototype on a business car and run in Osaka city, it will break. I wasn't worried.

[ Birth of Pocky 14 ] I proposed to the development meeting the prototype that I had created after a lot of hard work, but the internal evaluation was low.

[ Birth of Pocky 15 ] Opinions such as "I'm losing at the taste level compared to chocolate bar", "It's only about the Pretz series", and "Efficient mechanization is impossible" continue.

[ Birth of Pocky 16 ] I want to convince the people around me to do test sales without losing the voice of opposition. The people in charge squeezed their wisdom and decided in 1966 to sell the prototypes only at dozens of confectionery stores in the limited area.

[ Birth of Pocky 17 ] The first name of Pocky was "Chocotech".

"Chocotech" package
"Chocotech" package

…… That's a good thing, but the story stops at the tweet in episode 17… . Even Pocky, who I'm used to seeing, is somewhat impressed when I think that the current shape has been created through twists and turns. For those who usually eat at a tremendous speed, why don't you try eating each one while tasting it today?

Written by: Kyoto Sanjo Itoya no Musume