Just remember, the shelves at home. Many health foods I bought because I was invited to complain that they are good for my skin. … For supplements, collagen powder, drinks, jellies, candies… There were many things that it was unclear if it was effective. Yeah, don't think about the amount of money you spend.

In fact, there are many things for which the grounds are not well understood, and there are many things that I bought with the thought of being suspicious but also snarling in the straw. After all, it must be from a solid and reliable place! So, I would like to introduce "Unahatake Bijincha", a beautiful skin tea supervised by Chizu Saeki.

The package is also cute from a female perspective.
The package is also cute from a female perspective.

At the "Study Group on Beautiful Skin and Anti-Glycation Foods" led by Chizu Saeki, the theme is skin anti-glycation with Professor Yoshikazu Yonei of Doshisha University, who is a leading expert in anti-aging medicine (anti-aging). I have been conducting research. Skin aging such as disordered texture, firmness and elasticity, and yellowing is caused by saccharification that progresses in the body, and it is necessary to pay attention not only to oxidation but also to this saccharification to suppress aging of the body. ..

Experiments on skin anti-glycation of 78 types of healthy tea samples revealed that sweet tea, Houttuynia cordata, persimmon leaf, and guaba show extremely high anti-glycation activity and are promising as healthy tea materials. Based on this discovery, we proceeded with product development and added our own post-fermentation technology to a powerful anti-glycation material to complete the post-fermentation herb tea "Unahatake Bijincha" with zero caffeine, zero calories, and zero sugar.

Released three types, "Morning Moisture Blend", "Daytime Refreshing Blend", and "Night Ama Other Blend" so that you can drink according to the TPO. It is a herbal tea blended with post-fermented "Houttuynia cordata" and is non-caffeine, so you can drink it before bedtime or with confidence. All are 882 yen with 7 tea pags.

The name "Una Hatake" is annoying, but it seems to be an acronym for the five principles of beautiful skin advocated by Chizu Saeki. Moisturizing "U" , smooth "na" , tension "ha", elastic " ta", and ruddy "ke" . It seems that it is important to maintain the beauty of the skin that these five are well-balanced!

When I first saw it, it said "eel ... field ...? Eel ...?", But that's why. Not a good eel. Houttuynia cordata has a peculiar smell, but it seems that it is easy to drink without habit by post-fermenting. It's a tea that looks good for your health as well as for beautiful skin, so you won't regret buying it!