Created a roll cake "Koyama roll" that sparked the roll cake boom, " patissier es Koyama Koyamasusumu's chocolatiers and pastry chef to produce a" is the same as last year, also referred to as a chocolate version of Michelin "Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat ( "Club de Crocourt de Chocolatier") won the highest ranking "5 tablets + ☆" at the competition (CCC)!

In addition, at the "2012 Chocolate Awards" held at the chocolate festival "SALON DU CHOCOLAT" held in Paris, France, he received the most prestigious "Chocolatier Award for Foreigners" for "2 years". We achieved the world's first feat of "consecutive double awards". Koyama is the first Japanese person to win the CCC's highest ranking, the Chocolate Awards double award, and this second consecutive double award!

Mr. Koyama Susumu, who won the 2012 Chocolatier Award for Foreigners
Mr. Koyama Susumu, who won the 2012 Chocolatier Award for Foreigners

This time, Mr. Koyama exhibited "L'aube (dawn)" using Colombian Escoyama original cacao, and "Fukinoto" which combines 40% of Valrhona's praline, which is characterized by the bitterness and deep mellow flavor of sake. ) ”,“ Praline japonais ”, which emphasizes the depth and richness of gold sesame, and“ Sake (Sake), which uses sake lees from Junmai Ginjo Sake made from sake rice “Hokunishiki” harvested in Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture. japonais) ”, and“ NINJA ~ Ninja ~ ”, which is said to have been inspired by the Japanese manga“ NARUTO ”based on the original work by Mr. Hitoshi Kishimoto, which Mr. Koyama loves to read.

CCC Vice Chairman and CCC Guidebook Editor-in-Chief Alan Brandon, who tasted Koyama's chocolate at the show, said, "Escoyama's chocolate is perfect in terms of design, how to use cacao, taste, aroma, and imagination." Acclaimed. In addition, CCC member Emmanuel de Balmont said, "The screening was done in a blind screening so that you do not know who the creator was. It was the chocolate of "", he said, praising Mr. Koyama's chocolate.

On the other hand, at the 18th "SALON DU CHOCOLAT" this year, the chocolatier (14 people) who won the highest rank in the CCC stood on the stage, and among them, the most prestigious chocolatier "2012 best chocolatier in the foreigner category" "Award" was awarded to Mr. Koyama.

In an interview after the award, Mr. Koyama said, "My theme is'Sweet Trick', that is, playing pranks with sweets. There are many people who lose it. I have to put up with what I really want to do. But in my case, by helping people with the weapon of making overwhelmingly delicious sweets, I can think freely like a child. I just thought that I would be forgiven and recognized, and I just dug deeper into what was in front of me. "

"I want to give every young creator in Japan more freedom and confidence to see me being evaluated. I'm OK, so young people should be able to do more." (Mr. Koyama).