LINE is an app that has become a well-established means of communication. I feel that the exchange of "Exchange email addresses!", Which used to be commonplace, is changing to the exchange of "Tell me your LINE ID!". It's a monster app.

I think one of the fun things about LINE is the variety of stamps. A stamp is a small image that can be attached to a text message that can be exchanged within LINE. In addition to the original character, Rilakkuma and Disney characters are also available. Some require a charge, but I still want it! It's amazing because it makes me think.

Lotte 's Koala's March stamp, the first in the confectionery industry, is now available on the LINE app stamps! Good, it's finally becoming like a food site.

Copyright (c) LOTTE / KOALA ’S MARCH Project
Copyright (c) LOTTE / KOALA ’S MARCH Project

Stamps can be downloaded free of charge from October 30th (Tuesday) to November 26th (Monday), 2012. The stamp usage period is 180 days from the download date.

The characters of sweets sometimes became goods such as stationery, but I wonder if LINE stamps are in that era. Will this be a pioneer and will it be a LINE entry in the confectionery industry?