When you were a kid, did you ever think "I want to swim in the pudding pool", "I want to drown in the pudding bath", or "I want to eat pudding in a bucket"?

"King Pudding" is a cooking kit that can make huge pudding for about 20 regular puddings. You can't make enough pudding to swim in, but it will make your dream of "pudding in a bucket" come true. Today, I'll show you how to actually make pudding with this cooking kit.

■ First, order King Pudding
When you order King Pudding, you will receive one bucket like this. There are three items in the bucket: "Purin no Moto", "Caramel", and "Cooking Method Manual".

"King pudding" Realizes the dream "pudding with a bucket"
"King pudding" Realizes the dream "pudding with a bucket"

■ Try making King Pudding
1. Prepare 2 packs of 1 liter of milk

2. Put "Purin no Moto" in a pot and pour 2 packs of milk.
Use a large pot such as a curry pot!

3. Heat the pot and put it in a bucket when it boils.

4. Cover and chill in the refrigerator and remove after 10 hours.
When removing, be careful not to drop it! Bucket pudding is much heavier than it looks.

As for how heavy it is, it is too heavy on the kitchen scale to be displayed as unlightweight.

It can not be helped. Let's put it on the scale and weigh it.

It was 2.2 kg.
If you eat this pudding at once, you will definitely gain 2.2 kg. So scary!

■ Serve on a plate
Serve and sprinkle with caramel syrup. King Pudding is huge!

I couldn't convey this size in the photo, so I put a yogurt pack next to it.

how is it? Is this size transmitted?

■ How was it when you made it?
This king pudding is quite difficult to cook. I have a fairly large pot, I have to replace all the contents of the refrigerator to fit it in the refrigerator, and I also need to prepare a large plate. But when I see the finished pudding, I'm a little impressed. These hardships will also be rewarded.

The taste is also quite good. The "Purin no Moto" that comes with King Pudding is said to be made by Oshima Foods, which makes that "Milmake". You see, you feel delicious now, right?

Recommended for children's birthdays. However, don't forget to prepare it from the day before. Even if you start making it on the day and say "wait for another 10 hours", the child will never wait.