That candy becomes ○○! I feel that the number of collaboration products between foods such as these has been increasing recently. If it's a sweet you know or a snack, you'll be worried about it.

Recently, the collaboration project between Nissin and Koikeya has made remarkable progress, but Calbee has not lost (I think the surprise of activating the collaboration of Pizza Potato and Ministop is new to my memory).

The collaboration product that Calbee will announce again is "JANJAN Calbee Some W Punch Ajiyakisoba"! Consomme W Punch is that potato chips, isn't it? Hmmm, what does it taste like ...

"Consomme punch" is for yakisoba! ?? -Consomme W Punch x JANJAN Yakisoba Collaboration
"Consomme punch" is for yakisoba! ?? -Consomme W Punch x JANJAN Yakisoba Collaboration

Speaking of JANJAN, Acecook 's fried noodles are characterized by their vertical cups. It is said that this collaboration product reproduces the unique taste of Consomme W Punch, which is packed with the taste of meat and the sweetness of vegetables, with yakisoba.

The feature is that the consomme is kneaded into the chewy thick noodles. A addictive sauce that adds the sweetness of onion and the spiciness of pepper and chili to chicken consomme, and the cabbage and onions that have a nice texture. ... there are no potatoes in it ...

Consomme-flavored fried noodles may be unlikely and unexpected. Mr. Calbee, the place to look is different. Looking forward to the next collaboration!