For those who want to soak in wine to their heart's content, we have the perfect plan. If you can afford to travel (money and body), provided.

Okinawa Harborview Hotel Crown Plaza in Naha City will offer an all-you-can-drink plan "Big Van" World Wine Selection of 30 kinds of wine from 8 countries around the world at the bar lounge on the top floor for a limited time until December 31st. It seems to be provided at.

How about a deepening autumn traumatic trip, Christmas or a big event at the end of the year?

For this plan, 30 kinds of various wines were ordered from 8 countries, France, Spain, Italy, the United States, Australia, Argentina, South Africa and Chile, which are known as wine breweries.

It's a dream-like plan with all-you-can-drink for 90 minutes for 2,000 yen per person.

From the "Big Van" World Wine Selection page
From the "Big Van" World Wine Selection page