If you go to a bookstore, you can see that recipe books are still lined up. I think they all look delicious, but I don't have this on hand! I need the material, so I can't make it when I think about it. I think it's a waste to buy a recipe book that you can use on a regular basis. But when I couldn't think of a menu, there were quite a few. Umm.

Good news for those who have such concerns. Kikkoman has released "Today's Menu", an iPhone app that helps you create daily menus. Moreover, it is a nice free app!

You can also check salt and calories! Free recipe search app from Kikkoman
You can also check salt and calories! Free recipe search app from Kikkoman

This app allows you to "make menus" by combining individual recipes. You can easily make a menu just by selecting your favorite recipe from "recommended" recipes, recipes for each "ingredient", and "standard" recipes.

Not only can you search for ingredients, recipes, energy (calories), salt content, and cooking time for each recipe, but also the energy and salt content for each menu is displayed. The menu history remains for 2 weeks, and you can check the energy and salt content for 1 week on a graph, which is useful for health management. It is a place like Kikkoman that can display the salt content.

It also has a function to leave the necessary ingredients for each selected recipe in a "shopping memo", which is convenient for shopping. From Kikkoman's recipe site "Home Cooking", it seems that more than 300 recipes are carefully selected and provided for popular standard recipes and seasonal recipes. Seasonal recipes will be updated regularly according to the seasons and events.

I see, it seems convenient. I'm glad that it's free. As an Android user writer, I'm looking forward to the Android version release, Kikkoman!