At the Ekinaka beverage vending machine "acure" developed by JR East Water Business , a campaign will start on October 22nd, where four people will win "Tanita Health Goods" every day. The name is "Everyday Halle Day Campaign with [[ Autumn ]] acure"! It will be held following the summer.

"Tanita Goods" will be won by lottery "Everyday Halle Day Campaign with acure"
"Tanita Goods" will be won by lottery "Everyday Halle Day Campaign with acure"

This campaign is a daily lottery from October 22nd to December 21st. You can participate by purchasing the target product from the Ekinaka beverage vending machine "acure" and collecting tack stickers.

To apply, first register on My Page from the campaign site. After that, points will be accumulated by registering the serial number written on the tack sticker. If you collect 5 points, you can participate in the lottery game once. However, if you tweet your participation in the lottery on Twitter, you can challenge twice with one point. If you win the lottery, you can get Tanita goods.

In addition, there are also "W Chance Points" that you can apply for by accumulating 50 points throughout the year. It seems that you will win a luxurious prize worth 100,000 yen. If you usually buy beverages at Ekinaka, why not try using the vending machine "acure".

Below, target products (only products with tack seals are applicable)
① "Kongari Roasted Jurokucha" 275ml (9.3us fl oz) (Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.)
② "Hot Iyemon" 275ml (9.3us fl oz) (Suntory Foods Limited)
③ "Hot cafe latte with mellow milk" 280ml (9.47us fl oz) (Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd.)
④ "Tully's Coffee Barista's Black" 285ml (9.64us fl oz) (ITO EN Co., Ltd.)