What do you think is the most tea-drinking country in the world? After all China? Taiwan? Or is it the UK famous for afternoon tea?

TripAdvisor has released an infographic "Top 25 Tea Consumption in the World" that answers this question. Here is a summary of the TOP25 of how much tea is consumed in countries around the world.

According to TripAdvisor, "tea" is a drink made by processing the leaves and stems of "tea" such as "green tea", "oolong tea", "black tea" and "pu'er tea". For this reason, "barley tea" and "herbal tea" derived from other than tea plants are said to be "tea outside tea". Even if you read from the left, it's tea outside, and if you read from the right, it's omitted below.

By the way, the "tea" is actually the most consumed in the United Arab Emirates. It is said that it is consumed about 6 times as much as Japan. While the image of "tea = Asia" is strong, the actual top consumption is only in the Middle East and European countries. In Asian countries, Japan will finally appear in 17th place. It is strange that Japan loses to Qatar, Kuwait and Gambia in terms of tea consumption.

According to TripAdvisor, Islamic states prefer tea instead of drinking alcohol. I see, that may also affect this ranking. Should Japanese people follow suit and prefer tea instead of beer? Should I drink tea while watching the Japan Series? ??

Even so, it is China that is shocking. China is a major tea producing area. It is a country called "Shizuoka in the world" (according to the author's research). However, consumption is 25th out of 25 countries. The bottom. It's good to be disappointed. I want you to drink a lot.