Soup vermicelli and soup pasta that have become familiar for the past few years as a companion for lunch. It's the perfect size when you want another item, and it's very popular mainly with office ladies because of its low calorie content.

No, of course I'm happy because pasta and vermicelli are low in calories and I'm full, but today I just want to drink soup. A new brand of "soup", which was unexpectedly unlikely, was born from Acecook.

The theme of the new brand "Travel Soup" is the world's soup. This time, "Travel Soup Russia Borsch" will be on sale from this brand!

Borsch is on sale from Acecook's new brand "Travel Soup"!
Borsch is on sale from Acecook's new brand "Travel Soup"!

The first to be released is said to be one of the world's three largest soups, and Russian borscht is perfect for the coming cold season. Based on beef and tomato, the sweetness and umami of multiple vegetables such as cabbage and onions are well-balanced. It is said that the soup is rich and deep, with the umami and sourness of beef and tomatoes in harmony.

Moderately seasoned beef, good-textured cabbage, savory onions, potatoes, and gunpowder such as parsley are included, so it seems to be satisfying. It's a soup that seems to go well with bread, perfect for winter when you want something a little richer. I'm wondering if the remaining two of the world's three biggest soups will be on sale.