New products will appear in the collaboration project "UNIQUE PROJECT" between Nissin and Koikeya, which has been making chips of Nissin's royal road products such as "Chicken Ramen" and "Nissin Yakisoba" one after another!

That is "Demae Itcho"! It will be a collaboration with the long-selling instant noodles released in 1968. The product name is "Demae Itcho Chips". It will be on sale from November 5th at convenience stores and from November 19th at supermarkets!

An easy-to-understand package with "Delivery Boy" as a landmark!
An easy-to-understand package with "Delivery Boy" as a landmark!

The point of this new product is that it faithfully reproduces the flavor of "sesame chili oil," which is the greatest feature of "Demae Itcho."

Of course, the pot-fried manufacturing method, which is a characteristic of Koikeya potato chips, is still alive. It seems that the crisp potato chips that bring out the original taste of potatoes and the sesame chili oil go well together.

This new product that successfully combines the characteristics of both. I can't wait for the release!