When you hear "Kentucky and Calbee collaboration", most people think "Do you make chicken-flavored potato chips? ", But that's exactly what the product will be on sale on October 29th.

In collaboration with this potato chips, KFC will release a new menu, "Yoshio Ginger Chicken," which will be released on October 25th. Ginger accents are added to the simple seasoning of salt, and the chili peppers are said to be a spicy product. This time, it will be released as " Potato Chips Salt Ginger Chicken Flavor "!

KFC is in charge of supervising the taste. It seems to reproduce the taste of juicy chicken with the flavor of ginger. According to the person in charge of Calbee development, "I had a hard time reproducing various tastes, including the taste of the base chicken, as well as the" taste of salted ginger chicken. "In particular, it was possible to bring out the flavor of ginger. It was hard. "

Salted ginger chicken → potato chips!
Salted ginger chicken → potato chips!

The "Kernel Sanders" logo is on the package. Furthermore, on the back side, there is a discount coupon for "Yoshio Ginger Chicken" that can be used at KFC stores! This is pretty important!

By the way, it seems that this collaboration was realized by sympathizing with the fact that many corporate attitudes are in agreement, such as Calbee's commitment to products, KFC's commitment to ingredients, and efforts for safety and security. This is the first time KFC has collaborated with a food maker!

The price of the product is open. Scheduled to be sold at convenience stores nationwide.