Recently, waffles can be bought at convenience stores. Even if you say waffle in a bite, there are so many variations. There are various types of dough other than plain, from simple ones that are just baked to those with cream inside. At home, we sometimes have a small waffle for breakfast. Hmmm, it's free!

Although it is such a waffle, specialty stores have also appeared. The waffle cake specialty store "Ale L " is familiar in the basement of the department store. It seems that there are about 20 kinds of waffle cakes with cream and fruits sandwiched in a small waffle dough on a monthly basis.

Waffle cake is the signature product of Yale L, but one of the popular products is "Korokoro Waffle," which is a cookie-type baked product. It is said that it is ideal for a small gift, but it seems that a Halloween limited package product has been released from this Korokoro Waffle.

Waffle cake ale el, "Korokoro Waffle" is now a Halloween limited package
Waffle cake ale el, "Korokoro Waffle" is now a Halloween limited package

Plain & chocolate, plain & strawberry, it is a specification that you can enjoy two flavors in one bag. The tag is decorated with ghosts and pumpkins like Halloween, and if it is attached to a little thank you, it will be crushingly cute.

This Yale L will open a new store in the new station building "Celeo Hachioji North Building" of JR Hachioji Station, which will open on October 25th. The building is directly connected to the station, so it's easy to buy as a souvenir!