On September 9th, Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders, nicknamed "Uncle Kernel", will celebrate his birthday. To commemorate this, the "Kernel Birthday Pack", which is a set of 3 original chickens and 3 kernel crispy, will be sold at a special price of 990 yen for 3 days from September 7th to 9th!

Hold a 1,000-yen bill in your hand
Hold a 1,000-yen bill in your hand

By the way, Colonel Sanders was born 122 years ago, on September 9, 1890. Uncle Kernel's hometown is Henryville, Indiana, a town across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky's largest city.

Young Sanders (Source: Wikipedia)

He lost his father early and started cooking at the age of six with the help of his mother working in a factory. At the age of seven, everyone was overjoyed at the bread baked for his siblings and mother, and he continued to talk about his joy throughout his life. In addition, the excitement at that time has been passed down to KFC's philosophy of "I want to make people happy with delicious food"!

If Colonel Sanders hadn't come across this kind of "food impression", KFC might not have been there, and "fried chicken" might not have been as widespread as it is now. It is reminded that "food" is a big existence that influences the fate of a person. Uncle Kernel always welcomes you with a gentle smile at the entrance of the store. Now is the only time to celebrate!

We met at the KFC Ebisu station square store