Jojoen is a yakiniku restaurant that everyone longs to visit at least once. You may inadvertently come across a celebrity. The time has come when you can buy such a Jojoen bento at a convenience store.

The name is "Jojoen supervised Japanese black beef soboro bibimbap bowl". Sales have started from August 7th at Lawson stores nationwide. The price is 590 yen! What an affordable price! This is within reach of the common people.

For the bibimbap bowl, "Soboro" that makes the best use of the taste of Japanese black beef, "Namul" that smells of black sesame oil, and "Special Gochujang" and "Korean glue" are used, and it seems that it is a fairly authentic bibimbap bowl. .. It's a perfect lunch for the summer when you tend to run out of stamina!

Supervised by Jojoen Japanese black beef soboro bibimbap bowl

Lawson also has "Kuroge Wagyu Yakiniku & Dry Beef Yakiniku Bento", which is a combination of "Kuroge Wagyu Yakiniku" and "Beef Ribs". This is also a full-fledged taste just like the head family. The price is 690 yen, which is a little expensive for a bento, but you can enjoy petit luxury! !!

Supervised by Jojoen Japanese Black Beef Yakiniku & Dry Beef Yakiniku Bento