Of course, I don't like the heat in summer, but when I think about UV rays, which are hated natural enemies for women, I sigh involuntarily.

And did you know that the anti-aging keyword "anti-glycation" has been attracting attention in recent years?

The sugar produced by breaking down carbohydrates becomes energy, but when it becomes excessive, sugar and protein combine to produce AGEs (abnormal proteins). This slows down the original metabolic cycle, causes aging, promotes sagging and wrinkles on the skin, and causes dullness ... It's scary just to hear.

The "anti-glycation" menu "Beautiful skin green smoothie" and "Raw cheese tart" that suppress such AGE deliciously will appear at the Tahitian Noni Cafe operated by Morinda Worldwide Inc. Japan Branch.

Delicious "anti-saccharification" with Tahitian Noni Cafe smoothies and cheese tarts!
Delicious "anti-saccharification" with Tahitian Noni Cafe smoothies and cheese tarts!

It's green, but it may be easier to drink than expected.

Beautiful skin green smoothie is the best green smoothie for making beautiful skin using plenty of ingredients that are effective for "anti-glycation" such as spinach, grated ginger, and agave syrup.

We also mix "Slive Maxidoid", a dietary supplement that uses iridoid-containing plants such as noni, cornel, cornel, olive leaf extract, blueberries, and cranberries.

It's a green color that seems to work, but it's based on frozen mango and orange juice, so it's surprisingly easy to drink.

What is a cheese tart without cheese?
What is a cheese tart without cheese?

What is a cheese tart without cheese?

Raw cheese tart reproduces the taste of cheesecake with pure lemon oil without using high-fat cheese.

It is said that it is made with the concept of raw food (a diet that takes in live vitamins, minerals and food enzymes into the body by eating raw vegetables and fruits without heating), which is attracting attention as an anti-glycation menu.

Additive-free raw cashew nuts, USDA organic agave nectar, USDA organic coconut oil, 100% pure lemon oil, etc. are used for filling, and pesticide-free dates and additive-free raw almonds are used for the crust.

Hmmm, it smells like a celebrity. Both can be enjoyed from August 4th to early October. It's nice to eat delicious sweets and take care of your skin. Don't forget to wear sunscreen when you go to the cafe!