Before all night or driving, I have to be enthusiastic. I tried drinking coffee for the time being, but hmm, I don't really feel at all. I think there are many people who have been taken care of by Mega Shaki as a secret weapon in such a case.

Mega Shaki, renewed with a refreshing feeling
Mega Shaki, renewed with a refreshing feeling

Yellow has a big impact on the surplus!

Among the many alarm clock drinks (I call it that way), Mega Shaki is a clean and delicious house , but it has been improved to make it easier to drink, and it was released on July 23.

Mega Shaki is a deliciously refreshing ginger lemon-flavored carbonated drink (no fruit juice) that contains spice extract (ginger and pepper), caffeine, arginine, and three B vitamins. With this improvement, the spiciness has been increased and the lemon flavor has been added to make it easier to drink.

In addition, the rapidly rising idol unit "Nogizaka46" will be used for the TV commercial that will be aired at the same time as the release.

It seems that he performed enthusiastically at Nogizaka46 CM, which has Mega Shaki.

It might be safe to load one in the car before the Obon festival season.