Tom Yum Kung is popular with girls. Just listening to it reminds me of the sour and spicy taste, and it makes my mouth squeaky. Acecook will release "Tom Yum Kung" as a summer product from July 23rd.

Acecook's summer product is "Tom Yum Four"
Acecook's summer product is "Tom Yum Four"

Think about Asia

This product is a creative menu that combines Vietnamese noodle dish "Pho" and Thai soup dish "Tom Yum Kung", which is perfect for hot summer with chicken-based ethnic spices such as lemongrass and coriander. The spicy and sour taste is addictive.

Acecook's original rice noodles, tom yum soup, moderately seasoned chicken soboro, crispy bean sprouts, coriander to create a sense of presence, and colorful bok choy, green onions, and chili peppers.

The author, who has no eyes on Thai food, is no longer a Pavlovian dog. It's irresistible to eat spicy foods and sweat when it's hot. Even better if it's a cool room. Check it out for girls who want to enjoy Tom Yum Kung easily.