After moving around the world, I asked a Frenchman who settled in Japan last year a question like this.

"If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you like to live?"

His answer was this.

" Daiso! I want to live in Daiso! "

That's why this time, I would like to introduce "Donburi, a ramen in a microwave oven ," which is sold at the 100-yen shop "Daiso," which French people also love. This is an excellent "cooking utensil " for making instant noodles in a microwave oven, and it can also be used as a "don " for eating the finished ramen.

But I think there are many people who have such questions. "Is instant noodles made in the microwave good?"

To answer this question today, I will try to compare "instant noodles made in a microwave oven " and " instant noodles made in a pot".

……e? Did you see the results before you tried that?
If you think so, it's really hard ...
But, well, please don't say that.

■ The procedure for making instant noodles in the microwave is as follows.

1. First, prepare "No need for ramen" don "in the microwave"

This is "No need for ramen" don "in the microwave". It looks pretty good and I don't think it's 105 yen.

2. Read the instructions

The instructions describe how to make ramen in three languages. It's safe for French people. By the way, for some reason, this manual tells you to add bean sprouts first . That's why.

3. Add bean sprouts

I tried to put it in dynamically!

4. Add noodles

This time, I'll put it in. The point is to put it on the bean sprouts!

5. Go to the microwave!

Heat at 600W for 6 minutes as described in the instructions. It takes a lot of time.

6. Remove from the microwave

6 minutes have passed!

7. Add the soup

You will be instructed to add the soup later.

8. Check the bean sprouts!

I was a little worried if the vegetables could be cooked properly, but it's okay. It's boiling properly.

9. Let's eat!

It's slippery.

10. What does that taste like?

...... It was quite normal.
Because it's a microwave oven, it's not bad or good at all. As usual. It's the taste of ramen.

■ Compare with instant noodles made in a pot.

Now, let's compare the ramen made in the microwave with the ramen made in the pot. If you try and compare them, you may notice some difference.
I will omit the method of making instant noodles in a pot (did you know?).

Try making it in a pot and try eating

I tried to compare them, but the taste was the same. I tried both of them alternately, but I can't see any difference in taste.

Even Mr. Yasuto Saji, a sushi chef who is a character in the manga "Shota no Sushi" and has an "absolute taste" that does not overlook the difference of a grain of salt, will not understand this difference.

"It's the same!"
(C) Daisuke Terasawa
■ Conclusion

As a result of this experiment, it was found that " instant noodles made with microwave oven ramen" donburi "do not need" taste the same as those made with a pot.

…… It was a very natural conclusion. sorry!

By the way, the instant noodles used in this experiment are Maruchan Seimen pork bone flavor. This ramen is better than Unadon !

Maruchan regular noodles pork bone flavor

If you think it's a lie, try it!