"I want to eat yakisoba. I also want to eat potato chips. But I can't eat both."

There are times like that, right?

For you, Koike-ya has released "Nissin Yakisoba Chips".

This is a reproduction of that best and long-selling "Nissin Yakisoba" with potato chips.

Nissin Yakisoba (image)

Convenience stores nationwide are already on sale on July 2nd! It is scheduled to go on sale in the supermarket on July 23rd.

Nissin Yakisoba Chips Crispy

This "Nissin Yakisoba Chips" is cooked with sauce powder and spices used for seasoning to bring it closer to the taste of Nissin Yakisoba.

Let's eat now.

I tried to make it even more popular. Sounds good!

The texture is quite firm. The potato chips themselves seem to be the same as the "Chicken Ramen Chips" released in March.

Chicken ramen chips are crispy after all

But the seasoning is completely different. How does it taste?

The first impression was, "Wow, it's just ordinary potato chips." But as you chew, the taste of the sauce spreads in your mouth. Yeah, it might look like Nissin Yakisoba!

Green laver is also sprinkled to bring it closer to Nissin Yakisoba.

I want a little more green laver

Well, this is the main subject.

I can't find this "Nissin Yakisoba Chips" unexpectedly. I asked Koike-ya where to buy it, but I didn't get an answer.

July 17th postscript: Today, I received a call from Mr. Koike-ya. It means that we can strengthen our sales network in the future. In addition, it will be on sale at supermarkets after July 23, and it is expected that purchasing will be much easier after that.

Thank you for contacting Koike-ya!

Therefore, on the evening of July 12, 2012, the En-Eating Editorial Department searched for a convenience store where you could buy this "Nissin Yakisoba Chips" and conducted a two-hour survey.

The subjects of the survey were 15 convenience stores located between Onarimon, Minato-ku and Nakano, Nakano-ku. The survey method is to enter at least two stores per convenience store chain, preferably three stores, and check for the presence of "Nissin Yakisoba Chips".

Survey area: We surveyed convenience stores between points A and B.

The survey results are as follows.

…… It doesn't need to be tabulated.

Only in the evening of July 12th. The survey time is only 2 hours from 6:30 to 8:30. It's a survey that only checked 15 of the many convenience stores in Tokyo, so it's statistically unreliable.

However, for the time being, if you want to get "Nissin Yakisoba Chips" in this survey,

If you go to Lawson or FamilyMart, you will likely get it,

I came to the conclusion.

If you want to eat "Nissin Yakisoba Chips", why don't you try Lawson and FamilyMart because you think you were deceived?