On July 3, "Mushroom Mountain Ajiwai Mint" was introduced as a new force on the mushroom side.

Let's take a look at how the blue mushrooms of that summer model are.

Cool package

When you open the bag, you can smell the mint ...!

Mario has a color that seems to be 1up

Compare with the usual "Kinoko no Yama"

The umbrella part is made of mint chocolate , and the handle part is made of cocoa crackers .

This constriction cannot be imitated by bamboo shoots ...!

It's just a summer refreshing chocolate, and it has a cold and refreshing flavor. The mouth is soothing. It goes great with a bitter cocoa cracker!

The price is 158 yen (tax included). Available at convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.

You can enjoy the mutation situation if you mix it in the "usual"!