Sake and shochu come to mind when you think of "rice drinks."

However, rice is used not as alcohol but as a raw material for soft drinks.

That is this "third generation rice farming".

A carbonated drink jointly developed by sake brewer Ozeki and JT. An illustration of rice is drawn on the package.

Rice soft drink "Sandaime J Soul Brothers"
It's not alcohol!

"Well, the third generation? Then what about the first and second generations? Are you retired?"

Of course, we also have photos of the first and second generations for you who have a straightforward impression. But for the time being, just look at the third generation.

Rice soft drink "Sandaime J Soul Brothers"
Ozeki mark ...!

It is said that the richness of dairy material that is compatible with rice is added to the rice flour saccharified liquid of domestic rice (a liquid made by adding enzymes to rice flour and saccharifying rice starch).

The color is refreshing white. It looks like a smoky sake.

It tastes like a thin lactic acid drink. I feel that the aroma and aftertaste have a rice-like character similar to sake.

It has a refreshing taste that is not too sweet.

Three shots of three generations of rice making
Three generations of rice making, a miracle three shot ...!