The Marunouchi Tanita Shokudo, run by Tanita, a body fat scale, is a girl's longing.

Do you know the Tanita cafeteria? Eh, don't you know? You see, Tanita has that body fat scale. That's the cafeteria. It's a delicious dish with low calories.

Isn't it expensive? No, it's the price of a regular lunch. Daily set meal 800 yen, weekly set meal 900 yen. This price is cheaper than the cafeteria in the neighborhood.

But hey, it's so popular that it's hard to get in. That's the drawback.

Hey, let's go together next time.

So, today I would like to introduce "Marunouchi Tanita Shokudo".

"Marunouchi Tanita Shokudo" is located in Marunouchi, Tokyo, in response to the reader's voice, "I want you to provide a place where non-employees can eat" two years after the recipe book "Body Fat Meter Tanita's Employee Cafeteria" was released. It has opened.

At this cafeteria, menus that faithfully reproduce the concept of the Tanita employee cafeteria will be served as daily and weekly set meals.

Even though it is a dining room, it has a beautiful and clean interior like a restaurant. In addition to the cafeteria, there is a counseling room equipped with a professional body composition analyzer, where you can get free advice from a registered dietitian.

Photo courtesy of Tanita