In this season when there are many welcome parties at work and school, some people may have begun to review their drinking habits, saying, "I have to drink alcohol moderately," because I had a bad time drinking too much. But some scientists argue that drinking isn't necessarily bad for you.

Alcohol expert Kari Poikolainen, who used to work at WHO, says drinking a bottle of wine a day doesn't hurt your health. On the contrary, he even states that people who drink more than the generally recommended standard amount may live longer than those who stop drinking. The British media Daily Mail reports .

okay? Can i drink
okay? Can i drink

His claim is this.

"Wine causes health problems only when the daily drinking exceeds 13 units (units are units). One wine bottle is 10 units, which means no harm."

It also states:

"There is important evidence that overdrinking is bad for you, but drinking the right amount is better than abstinence. However, some people may have more" the right amount "than the guidelines."

But on the other hand, Julia Manning, a non-profit organization 2020 Health, disagrees with Poikolainen's theory that "alcohol is toxic. The risks outweigh the benefits."

Whether it's good for you or not depends on your constitution, and it may be better to drink alcohol with meals.