Have you eaten "Man's Putchin Pudding" yet? Some people may have missed it because it is displayed on the shelves of convenience stores mixed with other puddings. This is because it looks like a normal puttin pudding. However, this one is a bit different from other puddings.

I'll open it right away. Fairer than ordinary Putchin pudding. Maybe it's because they use soy milk. From the outside, there is an atmosphere of high-class tofu.

Man's Putchin Pudding
Man's Putchin Pudding

It's okay to eat it as it is, but I can't help but "puttin" the puttin pudding, so I'll try putting it for the first time in decades.

As a boy, I don't have the opportunity to put it in after I grow up, so I'm a little nervous.

I tried putting it. When I was a kid, I remembered that my parents got angry when I put the pudding pudding in the refrigerator from one end to the other.

Successfully puttin! Finally, the man's Putchin Pudding reveals the whole picture.

The pudding is a soy sauce-flavored sauce with caramel sauce, soup stock and ginger.

try to eat.

This is a new flavored pudding that (maybe) accompanies beer.

The pudding is a cold tofu with a rich soybean flavor. The spoon doesn't stop. It's a taste that makes you want to eat it with a curry spoon rather than the spoon in the photo.

If you dare, it might be better if it is a little harder.

It's a summer-only menu, so be quick! Also, this may be a favorite taste for women.