At each Burger King (BK) store, a total of 7 types of morning menu "BK MORNING" including 5 new products will be available from April 25th. Offer time is until 10:30 am.

The recommended morning menu at the restaurant is "Beef Ham Sand". Tomatoes and sliced onions are layered on the original sliced beef that was newly developed this time, and cheese and mayonnaise are combined and sandwiched with rye buns. The price is 310 yen for a single item and 410 yen for a combination.

In addition, a new product "Morning Burger" using "germ buns" that has been finished with a light taste for breakfast is also available.

All 7 types of morning menu and individual price are as follows.

Beef ham sandwich 310 yen Fish sandwich 310 yen Spam & cheese 260 yen Bolognese burger 260 yen
BLT sandwich 260 yen Morning burger 200 yen
BK Hot Dog Classic 200 yen

* All listed prices include tax