Speaking of coffee shops in Nagoya, it is famous for being able to eat "Morning Service" all day long. Just order a cup of coffee and you'll get a boiled egg and toast for free. Some coffee shops even come with salads and curries.

You can enjoy the morning service of Nagoya in Tokyo at the coffee shop "Komeda Coffee Shop", and the most popular menu at Komeda is "Shiro Noir".

Shiro Noir is a warm round Danish pastry with cold soft serve ice cream. It is a product with a concept similar to the Italian dessert "Afogateau", where you can enjoy the contrast between warmth and coldness. When I try to eat it, this is quite good. The soft serve ice cream is good and the Danish level is quite high.

However, the large amount is a little difficult. The menu doesn't say calories, but I think it's pretty ridiculous.

Komeda is a bit different from other menus. For example, a shake comes in a container like this. The amount is still not odd.

By the way, if you order coffee at a time other than the morning service, nuts will come with you.

Even in such a place, it is a coffee shop where you can feel the service spirit of the people of Nagoya.

Of course, there is also a "breakfast service".

Nagoya is the place to eat toast with red bean paste.

Oh yeah, it's rare in modern coffee shops, and there are newspapers. This is also nostalgic.