At each Freshness Burger store, the summer-only dessert drink menus "Yogurt Whipped Soda Mango" and "Mixed Berry" will be released on April 23. The price is 360 yen each (excluding tax).

How about a tropical dessert drink?
How about a tropical dessert drink?

"Yogurt whipped soda" is a "new sensation" drink menu that combines yogurt with foamy whipped "yogurt espuma" and soda. It has a mousse-like light melt-in-the-mouth texture and texture.

Also, compared to whipped cream that uses regular fresh cream, the calories are reduced to one-fifth.

The "Yogurt Whip Soda Mango" to be released this time is a "tropical" drink made by dividing mango syrup and mango pulp with soda. You can enjoy the smooth texture of mango pulp and the rich sweetness.

On the other hand, "Mixed Berry" is a drink with plenty of raspberry syrup and the pulp of four kinds of berries (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, red currant). It seems that you can enjoy the excellent compatibility of sweet and sour berries and yogurt.