When I was watching TV Asahi's variety show " Shiru Shiru Mishiru ", it was reported that "Uncle Karl" and "Kerota Kaeru" were included as secret characters in the sweets "Karl" of Meiji Seika. On average, 50 bags contain 1 bag of secret character curls.

Uncle Carl is sitting on the far right at the eaves, and Kerota is on the left.

I bought 30 bags of curls to see if this was true. 30 bags may sound pretty crazy, but the price is only 3,150 yen. It's cheap if you can meet Uncle Carl. I actually tried to buy 50 bags, but I found out that I couldn't take them home, so I gave up.

As a result of verification, I couldn't find Uncle Karl or Kerota, but I found such a snowman.

Upon examination, it seems that this is the third secret character called "Carl Snowman". It wasn't what I expected, but it's still a secret character, so let's say it was worth the 3,150 yen.

Normally, when you eat curls, you won't check each shape. In most cases, I think the secret character curl has been eaten unnoticed. With that in mind, Meiji Seika's attempt is quite wild.

Anyway, why is it a snowman in May?