Everyone has fantasized about the kind of food they would like to have. A parfait filled with only your favorite foods, or a hot pot full of fancy ingredients. Well, it is usually just a fantasy, but there are some brave souls who actually make it.

U.S. food blogger Nick Chipman has been working for many years (?) on the After much thought and planning, the company has created an "alphabet sandwich" with a total of 26 ingredients beginning with the first letter of the alphabet, A to Z. The sandwich is a combination of the first letter of the alphabet, A, and the first letter of the alphabet, Z. The U.S. media outlet Foodbeast reports.

Gogo Gogo Gogo .........  (Source: Dude food)
Gogo Gogo Gogo .........
(Source: Dude food)

Ingredients range from the orthodox, such as bacon and cheese, to the unexpected, Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The fact that Nick used noodles twice, with "N" for noodles and "R" for ramen noodles, shows how hard he had to work to gather the ingredients.

Nick talks about this on his website Dude foods.

Can you imagine how difficult it is to find materials that begin with the letter "X"? After much agonizing, I finally found a fruit called "xylocarp," which is a type of coconut.

Also like this.

There were so many that I couldn't decide on just one. For example, I couldn't decide whether to use french fries or fish sticks for the ingredients beginning with the letter F."

I wonder how they were able to stand 26 different ingredients vertically without toppling over. Nick's "career as a food blogger has helped him overcome this adversity.

The list of ingredients used for the alphabet sandwich is as follows If anyone is inspired by this article, please try your hand at making an "alphabetical sandwich".

Avocado → Avocado
Bacon → Bacon
Doritos (tortilla chips)
Egg → Egg
Fish sticks
Garlic bread → garlic toast
Ham → Ham
Italian sausage patty
Jalapeño peppers
Krispy Kreme doughnut → KKD doughnut
Macaroni and cheese
Onion rings
Pepperoni → Pepperoni
Quest blanco dip → unknown, perhaps Queso Blanco Dip (dipping sauce)?
Ramen noodles
Spinach → Spinach
Turkey burger
Usingers bratwurst → pork sausage from Usingers
Veal Parmesan → Veal cutlet
Waffle → Waffle
Xylocarp → A type of coconut
Yams → sweet potatoes
Zucchini → Zucchini

Source: Dude food