Suddenly, I wonder if you are confident in your "meat grilling" skills. If so, I would like you to take the "Meat Grill Test," which takes only 3 minutes to complete, and take a look at the results.

If so, we would like to invite you to take the "Meat Grill Test," which can be completed in three minutes.

The "Meat Grill Test" is a test to determine one's ability to grill meat. There are 15 questions on meat grilling, covering the three stages of "preparation," "grilling," and "eating," including when to sprinkle salt on the meat, how to turn the meat over, and points for tenderizing the meat.

For example, there are questions like the following.

When adjusting the degree of doneness of meat, use your own sense of ● ● as a guide.

Al dente for pasta is called "earlobe," but what is the best way to compare the meat to your own?

There is also this.

The whole skin part of the chicken thigh is cut, leading to a ●●% reduction in calories.

Do you know the numbers in the "●●" column?

The results of the test are graded in four levels from the highest to the lowest: "Meat Grill Meister Level," "Meat Grill Ace Level," "Meat Grill Independent Level," and "Meat Grill Apprentice Level.

I, who grew up in a gymnastic environment, had been in charge of the meat grilling at a yakiniku party, locking on to the grill, but the result of the test was "Meat Grilling Solo Stand-up Class". I am still far from becoming a Meister....

If there is anyone out there who has attained the Meister level, I would like to see you take charge of the grill with your best face. That is your destiny. Whether or not the meat tastes good depends on you.

The Meat Grilling Institute also introduces "secret techniques" and "excellent recipes" that make meat even tastier with a little ingenuity. Once you get the hang of proper meat grilling, you may be able to take your regular meat dishes to the next level.