The following tweet was made on the official Twitter account by Glico Public Relations.

"Today, a new taste is released from Putchin Pudding!"

The image posted is ... Rainy day "Putchin Pudding Curry"! !!

The feeling of squeaking is amazing
The feeling of squeaking is amazing

The package of the Putchin pudding curry, which the handsome uncle who occasionally wrapped in a turban introduces with a smile, has a curry-colored pudding and the words "NEW Pururu-n texture".

Perhaps because I ate Gari-gari-kun's Neapolitan flavor recently, I think curry-flavored pudding is an ant at all. I fell into a state of confusion for a moment, but I didn't like it. I don't want curry to be purulun. And it's 50 times more spicy ... When the pudding isn't sweet, it's no longer a pudding, so to speak, it's the same as a decarbonated beer or a featherless fallen angel.

And below the image, there is a proper refusal of "This advertisement is fiction". Hmm ... It was an April Fool's joke.

By the way, the reaction from users to this was "I was waiting!", "Is it delicious?" But I want to eat it! There seemed to be many people who were interested. Glico-san, if you really commercialize it, it might sell unexpectedly!

And another playful joke tweet from the Glico public relations account.

"Pocky was a handicraft of a craftsman!"

The background characters and production are fine
The background characters and production are fine

It's not written as true or false about this, but maybe the craftsmen are painting chocolate one by one only on April 1st. With that in mind, it seems that you can eat Pocky with a feeling of gratitude than usual. Gassho.