At each Mister Donut store (excluding some stores), a 100-yen sale "Fuwamochi! Sale" to commemorate the release of the new donut "waff" started on April 1st. Until April 7, a total of 10 types of donuts will be 100 yen (tax included).

10 kinds of "fluffy" donuts for 100 yen!
10 kinds of "fluffy" donuts for 100 yen!

waff is a new donut that you can enjoy a fluffy and light texture. The basic "waff", "kinako" and "angel whip" are on sale from March 26th.

At this sale, 3 types of waff, 4 types of Pon de Ring series, and 3 types of French cruller series, a total of 10 types will be 100 yen.

The target products are as follows.

● waff
● waff Kinako ● waff Angel Whip ● Pon de Ring ● Pon de Brown Sugar ● Pon de Strawberry ● Pon de Angel ● French Cruller ● Angel French ● Strawberry Custard French

At the same store, "Mr. Croissant Donut " with the motif of popular sweets born in New York, and the morning-only hot menu "Hot Morning Porridge Set" and "Same Soup Set" were also released on April 1.