From the Ginza Cozy Corner, "Kinkohime Parfait" using the tomato "Kinkohime" developed by Kagome will be on sale on April 1st at 3 stores only. Eat-in only, the price is 1,545 yen (tax included).

Introducing sweets made with plenty of sweet tomatoes!
Introducing sweets made with plenty of sweet tomatoes!

Kinkohime is a "rare" tomato developed by Kagome, which is rarely found on the market. It has a strong sweetness and a cherries-like luster. Also, the skin is thinner than ordinary tomatoes, so when you eat it, the skin does not remain in your mouth.

The "Kinkohime Parfait" to be released this time is a sweet made by combining fresh cream and ice cream with Kinkohime, which has a low acidity and a strong sweetness. The caramel balsamic sauce is an accent, and you can enjoy a clean and elegant aftertaste.

The stores selling "Kinkohime Parfait" are as follows.

Ginza Cozy Corner Ginza 1-chome Main Store Same Yurakucho Store Same Iidabashi Ramla Store

* Each store sells from 14:00 to the last order.