At each Mos Burger store, there are three types of "Rich Mos Burger Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce" (400 yen), "Teriyaki Burger Cone Fragrant Fried" (380 yen), and "Veggie Teriyaki Burger Cone Fragrant Fried" (270 yen) on April 1st. It will be sold for a limited time from the day.

You'll want to eat something rich in spring!
You'll want to eat something rich in spring!

"Rich Moss Cheese Burger Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce" is a "Moss Cheese Burger" with patties, cheese, tomatoes, etc. sandwiched between buns, plus Gorgonzola cheese sauce. It seems that you can enjoy the rich and rich "adult taste".

"Teriyaki burger corn scented fried" is a combination of "Teriyaki burger", which is a patty with miso (red miso, white miso) and soy sauce, and fried sweet corn from Hokkaido. The fragrance and sweetness of roasted corn further enhances the taste of Teriyaki Burger.

"Vegetable teriyaki burger fried corn" is a "vegetable-only" hamburger made by combining fried corn and lettuce with teriyaki sauce. The product was developed in response to the customer's request for a hamburger without patties.

* All listed prices include tax.