At each Mister Donut store (excluding some stores), a 7-day limited "Buy more deals" will be held from January 29th. The sale period is until February 4th.

Don't miss the great 7 days! !!
Don't miss the great 7 days! !!

"The more you buy, the better the sale" is that the discount amount increases according to the number of donut pies purchased, and if you purchase up to 20 or more, you will get a 450 yen discount from the total amount.

The number of purchases and the discount amount are as follows.

4-7 pieces 50 yen discount
8-11 pieces 150 yen discount
12 to 15 pieces 250 yen discount
16-19 pieces 350 yen discount
20 or more 450 yen discount (maximum discount amount)