Christmas is coming soon. Many people are thinking of eating at a specially fashionable restaurant. You will also have more opportunities to attend parties during the New Year holidays. What I'm curious about is "restaurant etiquette." You may be unfamiliar with it in your daily life and often confused.

For you! I will tell you the manners taught by Mr. Osamu Takamori, a restaurant service professional who is active in the world.

Restaurant etiquette, are you okay?
Restaurant etiquette, are you okay?

The Eating Editorial Department visited the pre-Christmas party "Sweet Night for Smart Christmas" hosted by OpenTable, which operates a restaurant reservation service. At the French restaurant MOSAIQUE (Minami Aoyama, Tokyo), I listened to Mr. Takamori's "manner course" with everyone who participated while enjoying cocktails and sweets using liqueur Grand Marnier.

Mr. Takamori is a leading restaurant service leader who became the first champion to hold down European people at the international restaurant service competition. It is a professional among professionals who is sought after for training of service staff. On this day, he enjoyed teaching us about basic etiquette and higher-grade etiquette that makes us happy to be able to do it.

Mr. Takamori who is active in the world
Mr. Takamori who is active in the world

◆ 10 items that should not be done

First of all, there are 10 "don't know" items that you shouldn't do. People who have many applicable items may be considered "monster customers" ...?

・ Arbitrary seating, too many standings ・ Crossing legs, putting elbows on the table ・ Men who cannot be ready first, women who are not ・ Loud conversation ・ Club-style clerk use ・ Silent & pointing, loud "Excuse me"
・ Commentator type and other boastful stories ・ Eating too slowly ・ Runny nose, messy sound ・ Taking pictures without permission

The act of crossing your legs or putting your elbows on the table not only looks bad, but also gets in the way of the clerk. Even if it is not visible to the people in the room, it is clearly visible to the clerk and other customers, so be careful! It is also our customers who create the restaurant space.

Club-style clerk usage, silent & pointing, and loud "I'm sorry" can also blame the clerk. For example, stacking empty plates is a rude act that appeals that "the clerk is not looking at the customer." Also, when calling a clerk, do not say "I'm sorry", but first try to make eye contact. If you don't notice it after a while, raise your index finger lightly, and if you still don't notice it, raise your hand. The last resort is to say "I'm sorry". The clerk may be serving at another table, so it's important to have a relaxed attitude.

Also, it is NG to take pictures of food and the inside of the store without permission. Since the management right is on the store side, let's confirm with one word, "Can I take a picture?" This is also "compassion".

How many did you apply? Even if you think it doesn't apply, you may have gone unnoticed. I want to be aware of it on a regular basis.

◆ Three higher-grade points

I will introduce a higher-grade manner that seems to be "Oops" if you can do it after holding down the basics. There are three points. The first point is "smart entry to seating", the second point is "cool eating and behavior", and the third point is "enjoying a conversational feast".

The first point, "Smartly handle everything from entering the store to sitting down," is a point that has a lot to do with Ladies First.

Ladies First who wants to be smart
Ladies First who wants to be smart

When you first enter the store. In the case of men and women, men will come first, and in the case of same sex, the "hospitable person" will come first, and make sure that reservations are made properly. Please note that points and reservations are supposed to be made by men. In Japan, women often make reservation calls, but this is not a problem for restaurant etiquette. It seems that some people may wonder, "Is it a customer who doesn't understand Ladies First and has no manners?"

After entering the store, when you are guided to your seat, the woman (the person who will be treated) will go ahead. When you get to your seat, watch the woman sit in the upper seat (the seat that pulls the chair first), and then the man also sits down. When standing for a toast, etc., it is internationally decided to be on the "left side", so stand or sit from the left. Place your baggage in front of your right foot or on the backrest. If you can handle this series of steps smartly, the impression on the restaurant side will improve. It may provide a nice additional service.

Next is the second "cool way of eating and behavior". The point is to keep a wide distance from your wrist to the décolletage when holding a glass, knife, fork, etc. It seems that it looks smarter and more elegant if you make it look big and spacious. It is a point that Mr. Takamori noticed while dealing with many French people.

Finally, "enjoy a conversational feast." At the restaurant, conversation is one of the finest treats. Especially when you praise the other person's good points, you and the other person can have a good time. Service professionals also train with a focus on compliments.

How was the restaurant etiquette directly from Mr. Takamori? Whether you're already planning to go to a restaurant, or you're alone this Christmas but believe that someday ..., give it a try.

After that, at the venue, Mr. Takamori cooked the crepe suzette that he made when he won the world championship in front of the participants. I ended the party.

Show off the skills of winning the world championship!
Show off the skills of winning the world championship!

The Grand Marnier menu offered on this day can be enjoyed at 12 restaurants in Tokyo until December 19th. It may be a good idea to visit for etiquette practice before the Christmas dinner.