A limited number of ballpoint pens "Lipton x Sarasa Clip" will be released on September 19th, where you can enjoy the scent of the "Lipton" series.

"Lipton" has become a ballpoint pen!
"Lipton" has become a ballpoint pen!

This product commemorates the 10th anniversary of the release of Zebra 's ballpoint pen brand "Sarasa Clip". The ink contains a fragrance that reproduces the scent of the Lipton paper pack iced tea series, and is available in 10 colors and 10 flavors. In addition, the design and logo of the Lipton paper pack are placed on the shaft.

The ball diameter is 0.5 mm. The price is 157 yen, and the "5-color set A / B" (787 yen) will also be released.

The combinations of flavors, colors, and "5-color set" are as follows.

[5-color set A]
Straight tea scent (black)
Grape tea scent (magenta)
Vanilla tea ole scent (light blue)
Muscat tea scent (green)
Lemon tea scent (yellow)

[5-color set B]
Milk tea scent (blue)
Peach tea scent (pink)
Valencia orange tea scent (orange)
Apple tea scent (red)
Caramel tea ole scent (tea)