A wedding cake is a cake that the bride and groom use at weddings and receptions. It is said to have its origins in England in the 18th century, and is said to bring happiness not only to the bride and groom but also to invited guests.

Some people have made the wedding cake with a hamburger. The photo has been published in The Meta Picture and has become a hot topic overseas.

Wedding cake made of hamburger (?)
Wedding cake made of hamburger (?)

This wedding burger tower is served in the same four-tiered cake plate that serves regular wedding cakes. What is different from usual is that a huge hamburger is placed on the cake plate. The more I look at it, the more I sigh that cooking a huge burger of this size would have been a daunting task. It would have been difficult to prepare patties, but I was a little impressed by the fact that there was such a huge bread baking facility in or near the wedding hall.

What is worrisome is the timing of eating a wedding burger. After cutting the cake, the wedding cake is usually brought into the kitchen, cut to the appropriate size, and served as a dessert to the invited guests.

But if this wedding burger comes out as a dessert after a meal, it's a bit tough. I can't eat because I'm full. That's impossible.

Regardless of what the invited guests thought, the two in the photo look very happy. I'm sure the wedding burger brought happiness to them. And the person who saw this picture also felt a little happy. The photo has been liked by 277,023 people since it was released on August 15th.