This summer, I sneaked into an ice case at a convenience store or a supermarket and took a picture of it → posted it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. → spread → burning noises are occurring one after another. The person in question may feel that he is doing it as a story, but it is a big nuisance for stores and customers. It is a very malicious act that does not make anyone, including the person, happy. There is no reason why such a "story" is good.

People have been criticizing the people who caused the uproar. It has been featured in TV news programs, and few people may no longer know it. But what about "people who still want to sneak into the ice case" in this situation?

Adults are always sly. Just hit it and it won't tell you what else you should have done. Peace of mind for society, dreams for young people. In this article, I'll go one step further and show you how to play with the ice case to your heart's content without bothering anyone.

● Buy my ice case!

After pondering for about a week, I was able to come up with a nice idea, "Why don't you use your own ice case?" It's money in the world, isn't it? First, prepare about 1 million yen by legal means. If you are a student, please save it as a part-time job. ...... Adults are crazy? It ’s just tough !!

Assuming you have saved 1 million yen. The next thing you need to do is not to contact the vendor, but to think, "This million yen may have more uses than an ice case." Dive into your (own) ice case and you may become a celebrity on the net, or you may become a favorite at school. But Madonna, who is a little smarter than everyone else, may look at you as if you were looking at an "administrative agency that doesn't know what you're doing." " There is nothing else you can do with that money ."

Perhaps it would be wise to invest this one million yen in study and hobbies. This will be an opportunity for you to make big money in your field of specialty in the future. Then you can buy a good quality ice case that doesn't fit in your house, or you can order the coolest custom ice case. "My ice case is super cool (laughs). Only for ice cream (laughs) ", and when I posted it on SNS, Madonna of the former class who saw it repeatedly hit "Like!" It's easy to imagine sending a love call to you, "Let's get married at ASAP," and having a happy marriage on a "ward office date" on the same day (ASAP = As Soon As Possible / as soon as possible).

If you've read this far and are still determined, we recommend that you search for it quickly with Yahoo! Auctions. The keyword is "frozen showcase". There are several types that are horizontally long and easy to lie down on, so you will surely find the product you like.

If you want to dive, prepare your own [Source: Yahoo! Auction! "Sanden Frozen Open Showcase"]
If you want to dive, prepare your own [Source: Yahoo! Auction! "Sanden Frozen Open Showcase"]

● Let's pack ice cream!

I've told you everything I want to tell you, so it's going to be a mess after that, but let's pack the contents when the ice case arrives. If you use a commercially available frozen dessert, "Don't ruin your food!" → There is a high possibility that it will burn, so put "rainwater collected, filtered just in case, frozen to an appropriate size" in a plastic bag. I think it is safe to use. As you can see, there is always a risk of burning, so please be careful and do your best until the end.

● The other side of the ice case

You who are happy to reach your goal. But you are a little empty. I dive for a while, lie down, and after about 700RT on Twitter, I got mixed feelings, and when I was satisfied, I put it up on Yahoo! Auctions. Every day he is despised by Madonna in his class and is called an "ice case person" by his juniors. "I wish I hadn't been involved in the ice case," said the ice case, which won't be sold even if it's alone.

I should have noticed earlier. "The ice case isn't suitable for" material ". It burns even offline."

The “material” must not adversely affect the surroundings. It's okay to try to stand out, but before posting it on social media, it doesn't bother someone, it's funny enough to make someone laugh, it doesn't actually get stuck, it doesn't get stuck and it's a second brew. It is necessary to stop and think again whether it is possible to report in front of the grave with pride that "I have made a good story".

It can be difficult without money. However, what was born through trial and error within that constraint is the real fun that attracts others. You just have to think carefully while eating delicious ice cream.

(Sentence: Daughter of Kyoto Sanjo Itoya)