What kind of people do you think of when you hear "Shinjuku Loft Plus One"?

Isn't it a place like Go Yoshida, Kenji Ohtsuki, Toshio Okada, Shunichi Karasawa, Jtaro Sugisaku, Koichi Masuno? Hmmm, everyone, it's dark!

Normally, Shinjuku Loft Plus One is filled with such strong guests and a strong audience. However, the store on September 15th may be filled with the sweet scent of pancakes.

On this day, at Shinjuku Loft Plus One, the pancake event " Crazy x Love x Pancake x Yuru Chara!" By Yukiko Tomiyama, who eats 200 pancakes a year. -I'm sorry for the maniac- "will be held.

Yukiko Tomiyama (left) and Yufu Terashima (right) appearing at Shinjuku Loft Plus One's first pancake event
Yukiko Tomiyama (left) and Yufu Terashima (right) appearing at Shinjuku Loft Plus One's first pancake event

The Loft Plus One website introduces this event as follows:

"This time, we invited the author, writer and researcher Yukiko Tomiyama, who was fascinated by pancakes, as a guest to hold the first pancake event at Loft Plus One.

I love sweets even more! I also love pancakes! And above all, I love mascots! !! Yufu Terashima appears as a guest! !! He talks passionately about his favorite mascots as well as his love for pancakes.

It's an event with such madness that a lot of girls' "love" is packed, and when they like it, they run out of control! "

Until now, Yukiko Tomiyama has held events in fashionable towns such as Harajuku. This time, the place will be moved to Shinjuku Loft Plus One, and it may show the subculture side that was hidden until now.

Women who have been interested in Shinjuku Loft Plus One for a long time but hesitated to enter the store. Why don't you take this opportunity to experience a deep subculture once?

On the day of the event, "Special pancakes that go well with sake" supervised by Yukiko Tomiyama and "Special drinks associated with Yuru-chara" devised by Mr. Terashima will be offered. What kind of drink is associated with Yuru-chara? A pear drink named after Funassyi?

The event will be held on September 15th. The venue starts at 12:00 and starts at 13:00. Tickets can be purchased at E Plus and FamilyMart. Advance tickets are ¥ 1,500 and same-day tickets are ¥ 1,800. Check the Loft Plus One website for more information.