Maybe you can get that candy for a lifetime !? On the major online shopping site "Rakuten", the second "Mega Sweepstakes" " Ultimate candy selection, which one would you like to accompany for a lifetime? Campaign " has started. ..

Apply from this page!
Apply from this page!

In this campaign, one person will be given a "Happy Turn (cheese flavor / maple flavor)" or "Umaibo (mentai flavor / corn potage flavor)" for a lifetime by lottery.

The lifetime of "Happy Turn (cheese flavor / maple flavor)" is calculated for 100 years (1,200 months), assuming that eating 3 bags of Happy Turn in a month is the "appropriate consumption". In other words, a lifetime is "3,600 bags". "Happy Turn Maple Flavor" is a new product to be released in September.

On the other hand, for the lifetime of "Umaibo (mentai flavor / corn potage flavor)", 100 years' worth (36,500 days) is calculated, assuming that eating 2 bottles per day is the "appropriate consumption". The number of "Umaibo" that the winners can get is 73,000 (!). Even if you like "Umaibo" too much and eat 4 bottles a day, it will take 50 years to eat all of them ...

Winners will receive "9 bags for 3 months and Rakuten Super Points for 718,200 yen" for Happy Turn, and "180 for 3 months and Rakuten Super Points for 728,200 yen" for Umaibo. Will be presented. Both "Happy Turn" and "Umaibo" have expiration dates, so the style of "order when you want!" Seems to be good. By the way, Rakuten Super Points can also be used for other products at Rakuten Ichiba, so you can flirt with other sweets.

Only Rakuten members who like the Facebook page of "Rakuten Ichiba" can participate in the campaign, and can apply by filling out the necessary information on the special campaign page. The application period is from August 1st to August 31st, and the winners will be contacted in early September.