On the morning of July 29, a dog ate the testicles of its owner's man in Arkansas, USA. Reported by KAIT8.com, a local media outlet in Poinsett, Arkansas.

(Note: The photo is an image)
(Note: The photo is an image)

According to the media, the victim, a 39-year-old man, woke up early Monday morning with "burning pain in the center of his body." The man slept naked that day, but when he woke up, he saw a pet dog with blood on his forefoot and around his mouth sitting between his legs. Later, he realized that one of his testicles had been eaten by a dog. The man has been taken to the St. Bernard Community Medical Center for medical treatment.

The perpetrator was originally a stray dog, which had just been adapted by a man three weeks before the incident. The man states that the dog was very obedient until the incident happened.

The dog, which was described by police as "small, white, and fluffy," was taken to the Truman Animal Clinic, where it was euthanized. The dog's head was sent to the Arkansas Insurance Department to see if it had rabies.

Now, in this news, many Americans are sympathetic to dogs. There is also an opinion that the news itself is a lie in the first place. In the comments section of the US media where the news was posted, the following opinions were posted.

■ Sympathetic opinion for dogs ◆ Rabies test? Did you adapt three weeks ago and haven't been vaccinated yet?
◆ Why did the dog have to be killed? Isn't the man just not feeding the dog?
◆ I think so too. Anyway, it's only true that dogs like playing balls.
Did the dog smell that the man had a tumor and tried to get rid of the tumor?

■ Skeptical opinion about the news itself ◆ Is this news true? Is the name of the hospital where the man was transported "St. Bernard"? There would be no more ironic (disastrous) place for a man to be transported to a man whose testicles were eaten by a dog.

Certainly, this news has a lot of angry points, and I can understand the feeling of doubt. However, the fact that the male testicles have been eaten seems to be an unmistakable fact. The police record contains the following sentence:

◆ The scrotum of the victim bitten by the animal was ingested by the animal