The sale of Mister Donuts, which sells for 100 yen for donuts and 120 yen for pies, is being held from July 24th to July 28th today. Conducted at stores nationwide except Akita, Hiroshima, and some other shops.

Until July 28th!
Until July 28th!

The products on sale are as follows.

[Donut 100 yen]
Angel Cream Angel Fren Thiold Fashion Custard Cream Sugar Raised Chocolate Cream Chocolate Ring Chocolate Fashion Honey Dip French Cruller Pon de Ringpon de Brown Sugar

[Pie 120 yen]
Shrimp gratin pie stick pie apple
Stick pie matcha azuki
Frank pie

From July 29th, " Cool Missed 3rd " will start, and "Family Curry Bread" and character curry dishes will appear.