On July 21st in Whitefield, England, a woman riding a horse was in trouble trying to use a McDonald's drive-through. The British public broadcaster BBC reports.

According to the media, a woman on a horse entered McDonald's drive-through lane with a girl on a pony. However, a McDonald's clerk refused to offer a drive-through service to women based on the company's corporate policy. The woman took her horse into the McDonald's store and tried to place an order, but then the horse defecated.

A McDonald's spokeswoman explained the situation at this time as follows.

"Horse manure has hurt customers and confused restaurants. Police have issued fixed fine notices to women."

Police in the Greater Manchester area explained the situation at the scene at the time:

"The look and smell of horse manure was clearly distressing to people and annoying customers and restaurant staff who came to eat."

A McDonald's spokeswoman explained why horseback riding customers aren't allowed to use drive-throughs:

"Protecting the health and safety of our customers and employees is McDonald's top priority. Therefore, we ban pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders from using drive-throughs. There "

So how are British citizens reacting to this? Here are some posts posted on Facebook by the Greater Manchester District Police Department.

■ Opinions in support of women (and horses) "Horse was here before the birth of the car. McDonald's should show respect for horses."
"At McDonald's, cows are eaten. The store is full of cows in a sense. Why is it so bad with horses?"
"Who ordered the woman to be fined? It's totally weird."

■ Opposition to the above opinion "What a stupid thing. Drive-through is for cars, and pedestrians and horseback riding people are not covered by insurance. This is common knowledge."
"I can't believe there are so many weird people who are willing to let stinking animals enter food-related buildings. The world is crazy."

■ Opinion of a person who took advantage of this discussion and began to say different things "Isn't a filthy and stinky human being worse than an animal? I don't think it should be in the building. "
"There are hundreds of mounted police officers in London, and the horses are pooping here and there, but the police officers leave the horse manure on the road."

■ A little that opinion "I once walked into the drive-through and ordered. I was able to order without any problems. Just in case, I'm not a horse."
"What if it was an elephant instead of a horse that entered the store?"