At each Ramen Nagi store, a joint project with Koikeya, "Mazesoba FES 2013," will be held from August 1st to August 31st, and each store's original menu using Koikeya's snacks will be offered. It will be held at 4 stores in the Shinjuku area until August 15th, and at 3 stores in the Shibuya and Omiya areas from August 16th.

"Don Tacos Chili Tacos Flavor" is used to sell "Don Nagi Mucho Black Curry Mixed Noodles" at the Butao Shibuya store. "Spicy Karamucho rice" is served on top of the star-shaped Don Tacos.

Uses "Don Tacos Chili Tacos Flavor"
Uses "Don Tacos Chili Tacos Flavor"

At the Noodle BAR Kabukicho store, "Mega Potato Salad Noodles" using "Koikeya Potato Chips Rich Consome" will be on sale. It is full of vegetables, and the taste of the attached mega potato is "enjoyment after eating".

Mega potatoes have an outstanding presence
Mega potatoes have an outstanding presence

In addition, "Mazesoba" that has been devised at each store will be offered, such as the appearance of menus using "Suppa Mucho Refreshing Plum Flavor" at the Boiled King Shibuya store and the Pig King Omiya store.

Refreshing with "plum taste"?
Refreshing with "plum taste"?

Also, if you conquer all the target menus during the period, you will get souvenirs such as original towels and T-shirts. Only the Pig King Shibuya store can receive the products.

The sales menu of each store is as follows. The price is 800 yen each, limited to 30 meals a day.

● August 1st-August 15th (starts at 14:00 on the 1st)
・ Shinjuku Boiled Dried Shinjuku Golden Gai Store "Golden Rich Veggie Soba"
・ Flame Tsukemen Nishi-Shinjuku 2F store "Funny chilled mix"
・ Niboshi Ou Nishi-Shinjuku 1F store "Triangular cold secret noodles"
・ Noodle BAR Kabukicho store "Mega Potato Salad with Noodles"

● August 16th-August 31st (starting at 14:00 on the 16th)
・ Boiled and dried king Shibuya store "Mucho Mucho Koikeya's plum-exhausted noodles"
・ Pig King Shibuya "Don Nagi Mucho Black Curry Mixed Noodles"
・ Butaou Omiya store "Spicy mixed noodle popcorn king" "Plum shiso soup snifit mixed soba"