A 45-year-old man who won the beer fast-drinking festival died on July 18 in Spain. Reported by the Spanish English media The Local.

According to the media, Joaquin Alcaraz Gracia, who attended the beer fast-drinking festival in Murcia, Spain, began vomiting shortly after deciding to win. Antonio Alcaraz, who was present at the scene, told a local Spanish newspaper about the situation at that time.

"Gracia won the festival by drinking 6 liters of beer. When she received the trophy, he lifted it up and showed it. At that time, he looked fine, but then began to vomit and vomiting. It never stopped. "

Pedro Rodriguez, who was also present at the scene, explained to a local newspaper what Gracia was doing after she started vomiting.

"Gracia vomited a lot, but I sat beside him for about 10 minutes. Eventually he fell asleep and began to snore."

But Gracia didn't fall asleep. Gracia was already in cardiac arrest when the paramedics arrived.

A hospital employee he was taken to described Gracia as follows:

"When I arrived at the critical care center, Gracia's vital signs were very weak."

Soon, Gracia died. The cause of death has not yet been clarified.

The rules for the beer fast-drinking festival are very simple. Participants drink beer poured into a 1-liter glass. The participant who drank the most beer in 20 minutes wins.

But 6 liters of beer may have been too burdensome for Gracia's body. Paramedics said Gracia's body was "overweight (to attend the festival)."

Local officials have declared a three-day mourning, saying that the beer early festival has a long tradition, but will not hold it for the time being.